Meat Eating

I vaguely remember reading an article about some steak. It was Japanese. Supposedly, the people who raised the cattle believed that the best tasting meat came from the happiest cows. These cows were given beer to drink, to relax them. 4 pints a day. They were also given massages. I was in school at the … Continue reading Meat Eating


Why are Steroids Banned in Competitive Sports?

Well? This may seem a pointless question to ask, but it’s actually quite an interesting one. The answer isn’t “Because it’s cheating”. “Because it’s cheating” is not an answer; it’s a rewording of the question. Cheating means “Doing something which is banned”. To answer the question “Why are steroids banned?” with an answer equivalent to … Continue reading Why are Steroids Banned in Competitive Sports?

Rehabilitating Natural Law, Part I

The other week I wrote a post which took a glance at some of the philosophical underpinnings of the Libertarian movement. In it, I discussed the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) as formulated by Murray Rothbard: “No one may threaten or commit violence (‘aggress’) against another man’s person or property. Violence may be employed only against the man … Continue reading Rehabilitating Natural Law, Part I

On Mises and the Supposed Dangers of a Basic Income

Earlier this week our good friends at the Ludwig von Mises Institute (LvMI) posted an article criticizing the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). The article attacks it on standard Austrian grounds, but the real question is: Do these criticisms hurt the Geolibertarian UBI? Here I will argue that the answer is no. What … Continue reading On Mises and the Supposed Dangers of a Basic Income